Friday, August 21, 2009

In The Dark

I sometimes feel like I'm simply wandering around in a forest, at night, only darkness around me. I don't know if I'm going to walk into a tree, possibly step on some wild animal's tail or if I'm just walking right next to a steep cliff.
The darkness doesn't usually scare me. I have to have complete darkness to fall asleep.
However, there are those times, when I'm in the darkness and I wonder, what else is out there. What could I encounter?
It doesn't help that so many horror stories take place in the dark, the sociopath hiding behind the rock, waiting to pounce.

But, the dark also causes me to notice things I wouldn't notice in the light. Like the stars or the crickets singing.
{I met a guy once and, after I had made a comment about the crickets being really loud, he stated that he liked it. That it was their way of singing to and praising God. I have thought differently of crickets ever since.}
Sometimes the darkness simply causes me to slow down, to really think about the next step and what my surroundings are.

So, as I stumble in the darkness, I hope that I make the right steps. And I know the morning will come.
It always does.

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