Friday, May 15, 2009

Of Sleep Before Midnight...

The last 2 nights I have stayed awake past midnight. Now, a year ago, that would have been nothing. But during my trip to Nicaragua, my night owl-ness was hindered by a curfew and so therefore I turned into an old person, going to bed at 9 or at the latest 10.
And now I've shocked my body and mind with keeping it awake later than it's used to.
I know that I can train my body to handle late nights again. Just right now, I know that I need sleep. I have been pushing myself physically and emotionally the past two days and my body needs a rest. I'm actually in my bed as I type this, ready to head off to slumber land as soon as I finish this blog.
I flew back to Colorado today.
I wish I could describe how I'm feeling (I guess I'll try)-
Out of Whack
{I know, lot's of random and not similar feelings...}
With all those feelings flying around, I know I'm going to have to let myself fully rest... but tomorrow I turn 21! So maybe I'll fully rest after I celebrate my birthday--- you can't just ignore the 21st birthday late night out rule. But as for tonight, I'm telling myself to go to bed... Maybe if I get off now, I'll actually be asleep before midnight.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of A Mattress

One thing I can say: I didn't miss too many things about the States. I mean besides the obvious things (family, friends).
I did miss my cellphone. I've already decided that the next time I decide to leave on a long trip I'm either buying a cellphone at the place where I end up or simply get a universal cellphone.
Alot of people missed hot showers. Okay, granted in a cold place, I would definitely miss hot showers too. But in Granada, where it was over 85 degrees usually each day, a hot shower would not have been soothing- it simply would have added to the heat.
The main thing that I missed (the main comfort) was a real mattress. I've always loved having a comfortable bed. Your bed is where you go to relax, wind down and recharge for the next day. It's not that our beds down in Granada were horrible; they were alot better than they could have been. But to sleep on a real mattress... that's my idea of pure luxury right now.
And so, I'm at the hotel in Atlanta right now... I've been up since 2:45 this morning (MT time) and it's now almost 11.
And next to me is a king size bed of pure luxury.
{Fact: we have the AC going full blast so as to feel even more inclined to burrow in the huge beds for comfort...}
I'm going to sleep amazingly well tonight...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Of A Way To Say Goodbye

I have to leave this country in two days.
I have to say goodbye. But I don't want to.
How can you say goodbye to something that has taken so much of your heart? I've grown to love so many people down here and I've fallen in love with Granada as a whole.
But, I have to leave. I can't stay- you might ask why? Well, since I'm still on my trip, my teammates and I are all going back to the states at the same time. I can't change that.
Some of my friends down here have "offered" to steal my passport and destroy it so that I can't leave...
I'm going to miss them all alot.
And so now I come to the place of having to say goodbye. But I don't want to say goodbye. "Goodbye" has such finality to it.
I know I will be coming back to Granada. When, for how long, and why? I have no idea. But I know this isn't the end. So why act like it is?
I was thinking of just saying "Hasta luego" (see you later)
My mom (a military wife for much of her married life) told me she says "I'll see you as soon as I can see you"
I could also say "Hasta pronto" (see you soon)
Some other ways to say goodbye:
auf wiedersehen - german
salam - arabic
veloma - malagasy
tot ziens - dutch
{I got these from so I hope they're right}
I really don't know what I'm going to say. I might just end up hugging each person, not wanting to let go... and then finally looking at them and saying "well this was fun..."

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Of Relief

The water in Costa Rica is warmer than most places which makes it amazing to be in- but not too warm that you can't cool off in it. However, me being my brilliant self, forgot about the water yesterday. I went to the beach with Jenn and Jess in the morning; while they headed off to frolic about in the water, I put my Ipod on and simply laid in the sun.
For almost 2 hours.
With practically no sunscreen on my body.
Don't ask me what I was thinking.

{One of the things I really hate about sunburns is the fact that they don't always show up right away. As for me, I didn't see that I was burned until I went back out on the beach during the afternoon. I was walking and I heard "Oh no" from Heather... She was admiring my lovely red back and legs}

So now, even though we have another full day in Costa Rica to enjoy the sun, I am hanging out at the hostel, Pura Vida. (It's a great hostel- TV, free Wi-fi, real showers with water pressure, about a 10 minute easy walk from the beach AND free coffee all day long... what else could you want?) But even though it's a great hostel, it's not like I want to spend a perfectly good beach day at it. 
Last night was pretty miserable. It is hot down here and I already have a hard time sleeping when I'm hot--- well add a sunburn on top of that plus bug bites and it's basically impossible to get comfortable. And, when I woke up this morning, I felt my sunburn more than I did yesterday.
I know, it was my fault in the first place for being stupid and not putting on sunscreen. But, I am still looking for the best way to feel relief. I think someone of my team has aloe vera type cream... maybe I'll ask to borrow that...
Or just go stand under the cool shower for an hour...