Wednesday, April 6, 2011

of A Glimpse With a Smile and A Turn

some people swear up and down that you should not look back
don't look back because you need to be moving forward
don't look back cause it'll trip you up
don't look back because it's not NOW

a small part of me agrees
a big part of me likes to look back though

what's wrong with looking to the past every now and then
the past is the path i've walked to who i am today

remember that one friend who was utterly ridiculous and all we talked about was guys?
or that guy who taught me that relaxing and doing nothing can be just what i need at the end of a long day?

i feel no guilt in looking back on times with people and having a small smile thinking about it
no matter how horrible or abrupt or confusing the ending was

because there was obviously something good about that friendship/ relationship
something that spoke to a part me
something that kept me going
and i think it's ok to smile about those

however, even with that smile
there has to be a turn
back to the present
those people are in my past for a reason
maybe it was simply the lack of time for getting together
maybe the friendship was one sided
maybe it was that it just ran it's course

so a small look back
a shadow of a smile
shake of a head with a chuckle
a sigh
and then a turn back to today

because today
today holds new promises
adventures and unknowns
new smiles