Saturday, December 25, 2010

of Professional Thanks

looking back at this time last year
i can't help but think of all the lessons i've learned and the "teachers" who guided me through them

~so humor me as I thank the gentlemen who have taught me so much this year~

to the girl: thank you for teaching me that i'm not called to always be the bigger person in the relationship. and that grace, while needed in relationships, should not be an excuse for continuing stupidity.

to the wonder boy: thank you for teaching me a relationship always needs more than a spark.
[in all fairness, he doesn't belong in this list with the other professors, he's actually been a steady friend after everything settled down]

to 5 days: thank you for teaching me that listening to my heart is not a sin, even when the outcome isn't easy. and that even the most unassuming, sweet, adoring guy has his jerk moments.

to the pirate: thanks for the lesson to not take moments for granted. they're here today and gone tomorrow. (and the lesson that you dissapearing makes it awkward {for you} when we run into each other 6 months later- fyi, i found it humorous)

to the 12 y/o: thank you for teaching me that age does equal maturity.


to the great communicator: thank you for the lesson that a text at 1 am does not constitute a relationship. and that I need to make sure I make decisions for myself, not my family, friends or, heaven forbid, you.

and lastly, to the player: thank you for proving me right. for teaching me that I'm stronger than I think. For teaching me that I deserve better. and for teaching and reminding me that, always, "actions speak louder than words."

the unfortunate thing is that the teacher usually thinks they have nothing to learn
{but that's their loss}

to all my teachers in this past year
thank you for the lessons
but don't take it personally if i don't suggest your "classes" or retake them
it's just that
when i look back on what i learned
it all seems relatively
maybe you'll move on to teaching lessons that involve more finesse
however, you can only teach what you know

and i think i'm ready to move on to lessons that are slightly more sophisticated
-aka: it takes longer than a couple of weeks to learn everything you have to teach-