Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Translation

i greatly apologize to the male population
it's true
women rarely say what we mean
or even what we want to say

i'm going to try to explain some of the ways i think

when we gloat all the time about being right
we are secretly hoping that you will prove us wrong

when we state that there is no use in fighting
we're begging you to fight, to try

when we state that there is no point, our mind is made up
we want you to change it

when we claim to be over it
we're probably not over it 
(if we were, there would be no reason to have to say it)

when we say we "had an ok day" when you ask how it was
we really mean we don't want to freak you out by telling you
that we got in a fight with a friend and then had to go to work and then got yelled about by a customer, then our car wouldn't start and had to be towed and we ended up hearing from our ex who is still an immature jerk and we just want to cry plus we missed our favorite show due to the car situation

when we seem indifferent or distant for no apparent reason
we're scared

but most importantly

when we don't say what we mean
we are really just looking for that guy who will try to understand and will eventually cause us to trust him enough to tell him exactly what we mean

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