Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Of Being Wise With Money

As I've reaclimated to the United States, I've realized how much our world and relationships revolve around money. Not in the sense that my friends only care about money or that if I wasn't rich they wouldn't be my friends--- just that so many of our "hang out" activities require spending money: going out to eat, going to an amusement park, shopping, going to see a movie. Obviosly, as good friends, you're fine with hanging out anywhere, even just a home. But after a while, you usually want to "switch things up." So, here are some ideas I've found online that are free (as well as some of my own ideas thrown in)-
*work on your art- photography, painting, sketching... finger painting*
*go for a walk*
*go swimming*
*sewing or knitting or crocheting*
*look in your pantry and whip up a meal from only the food you already have*
*read that book you've always said you were going to read*
*go through your clothes, give away to charity anything that doesn't fit or you have worn in a year, if not 6 months*
*look up activities in your own town that are free- check out the newspaper*
*some museums are free, others have special days- in Denver, CO, the first Saturday of every month at the art musuem, the DAM, is free for CO residents*

{If someone genuinly offers to pay for a meal or an activity, it's okay to take them up on their offer. But don't let it become a habit (there is a time to say "no"). If you happen to come into some money, reciprocate by paying for them at some point}

Also, since usually the problem is spending the money too fast or in the wrong places, figure out what you actually want to do and spend money on. If you really like going shopping but for some reason you're spending all your money on the movies... cut back. Alot of people are addicted to Starbucks (myself included- working on it) and if Starbucks is taking all your money, then there's less money to go out for drinks with your friends or to go see Transformers 2... Or even, if there's a trip you want to go on (me again) you have to save for it. So that means cutting back on things NOW for something in the future.

Just figure out where you think your money would be spent the best. Maybe make a budget at first until it becomes easier. And find cheap ways to be entertained so that overall, you save money...

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