Friday, May 15, 2009

Of Sleep Before Midnight...

The last 2 nights I have stayed awake past midnight. Now, a year ago, that would have been nothing. But during my trip to Nicaragua, my night owl-ness was hindered by a curfew and so therefore I turned into an old person, going to bed at 9 or at the latest 10.
And now I've shocked my body and mind with keeping it awake later than it's used to.
I know that I can train my body to handle late nights again. Just right now, I know that I need sleep. I have been pushing myself physically and emotionally the past two days and my body needs a rest. I'm actually in my bed as I type this, ready to head off to slumber land as soon as I finish this blog.
I flew back to Colorado today.
I wish I could describe how I'm feeling (I guess I'll try)-
Out of Whack
{I know, lot's of random and not similar feelings...}
With all those feelings flying around, I know I'm going to have to let myself fully rest... but tomorrow I turn 21! So maybe I'll fully rest after I celebrate my birthday--- you can't just ignore the 21st birthday late night out rule. But as for tonight, I'm telling myself to go to bed... Maybe if I get off now, I'll actually be asleep before midnight.

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