Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of A Mattress

One thing I can say: I didn't miss too many things about the States. I mean besides the obvious things (family, friends).
I did miss my cellphone. I've already decided that the next time I decide to leave on a long trip I'm either buying a cellphone at the place where I end up or simply get a universal cellphone.
Alot of people missed hot showers. Okay, granted in a cold place, I would definitely miss hot showers too. But in Granada, where it was over 85 degrees usually each day, a hot shower would not have been soothing- it simply would have added to the heat.
The main thing that I missed (the main comfort) was a real mattress. I've always loved having a comfortable bed. Your bed is where you go to relax, wind down and recharge for the next day. It's not that our beds down in Granada were horrible; they were alot better than they could have been. But to sleep on a real mattress... that's my idea of pure luxury right now.
And so, I'm at the hotel in Atlanta right now... I've been up since 2:45 this morning (MT time) and it's now almost 11.
And next to me is a king size bed of pure luxury.
{Fact: we have the AC going full blast so as to feel even more inclined to burrow in the huge beds for comfort...}
I'm going to sleep amazingly well tonight...

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