Thursday, May 7, 2009

Of Relief

The water in Costa Rica is warmer than most places which makes it amazing to be in- but not too warm that you can't cool off in it. However, me being my brilliant self, forgot about the water yesterday. I went to the beach with Jenn and Jess in the morning; while they headed off to frolic about in the water, I put my Ipod on and simply laid in the sun.
For almost 2 hours.
With practically no sunscreen on my body.
Don't ask me what I was thinking.

{One of the things I really hate about sunburns is the fact that they don't always show up right away. As for me, I didn't see that I was burned until I went back out on the beach during the afternoon. I was walking and I heard "Oh no" from Heather... She was admiring my lovely red back and legs}

So now, even though we have another full day in Costa Rica to enjoy the sun, I am hanging out at the hostel, Pura Vida. (It's a great hostel- TV, free Wi-fi, real showers with water pressure, about a 10 minute easy walk from the beach AND free coffee all day long... what else could you want?) But even though it's a great hostel, it's not like I want to spend a perfectly good beach day at it. 
Last night was pretty miserable. It is hot down here and I already have a hard time sleeping when I'm hot--- well add a sunburn on top of that plus bug bites and it's basically impossible to get comfortable. And, when I woke up this morning, I felt my sunburn more than I did yesterday.
I know, it was my fault in the first place for being stupid and not putting on sunscreen. But, I am still looking for the best way to feel relief. I think someone of my team has aloe vera type cream... maybe I'll ask to borrow that...
Or just go stand under the cool shower for an hour...

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