Sunday, June 27, 2010

of Lessons Learned

i've learned that it doesn't matter how much people talk about doing right by their fellow man, compassion and good deeds- when push comes to shove, we choose ourselves over them.
me included.

i've learned that just because something seems too good to be true doesn't mean it is.
but it might mean that i'm not seeing the situation clearly.

i've learned that it's easy to get lost in our own lives and be blinded to others.
and it happens everyday.

i've learned people are just people.
they aren't a fix to our problems.
or the missing link.
just people.

i've learned the best and worst thing is to be alone.
and that i'm never really alone.

i've learned how to forgive, forget, fight, free fall, and flee.
all in five minutes.

i've learned i'm the perfect example of "do as i say and not as i do."
and i don't know that i'll ever grow out of that.

i've learned to put someone else in my place and think about what i'd tell them.
most of the time i don't like what i have to say.
but at least i'm not lying to myself.

i've learned that all it takes is one harsh word to ruin a day.
but just one smile from a stranger to bring out the sun again.

i've learned that if i don't say what needs to be said, there's no guarantee that someone else will.
and yet sometimes i still stay quiet.

i've learned i can't measure people by my experiences.
it's just not fair.

i've learned that some relationships are for forever.
some are for a time.
some are for a moment.

i've learned that everyone needs grace.
myself included.

i've learned that most people say they want the truth.
but 99% of them don't actually want it.
i'm not one of those.
i'll take the hard truth over a soft lie any day.

i've learned to not be afraid to say what i feel.
but also grown aware that not everyone deserves to know.

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